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Good Night Message For Sweet Girl

Good night messages are used to wish people a very good night. Good night message is often sent as a good night wishes. So are you looking for best good night messages? Here I have shared a huge collection of Good Night Messages for her, him, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend. Also, there are many cute, funny, romantic good night messag here I came with large collection of good night messages that can used to wish happy good night messages are shared. Do check good night SMSfor whatsapp and send them to your loved ones.So You can use these good night text messages as your facebook and whatsapp status.

 Top Killer 5 Message For Good Night :

People are usually searching for romantic good night messages so here i have an awesome collection of sweet romantic good night messages. Do check them and choose best one to send your loving one.Don’t sleep without wishing your girlfriend with good night messages for her. We have special collection on good night messages for her with love and flirty.Boys always becomes flirty at night, so don’t let them sleep without sending flirty good night messages for him. Check out the best collection on best good night messages for him.We are given some good night messages we hope you like all messages.

1  The stars are shinng. 
    The wind is blowng.  
    The moon is sweetly whispering that it’s time for sleep. 
    Good night, my one and only.

2  The Clοuds Have Parted Tο Let Moon Βe Your Nigt Lamp, 
    The wind Ηas died οwn To Bring Silence Αnd Peace. 
    Ιt is Because I Tοld Them That Sοmeone Precious Tο Me is Going Tο Sleep.  
    Gοοd Night, Dear οne, Sleep Well.

3  When I say GOOD night, 
    I actually want you to be a GUD boy at night. 
    So don’t think about any girl except me. 
    Good night handsome.

4  Dreams of you make my night worthwhile. 
    The thought of you mkes me smile. 
    Being your love is the best thing ever. 
    I will love you forever.

5  You are my sky and I am cloud, 
    you are my star and I am twinkle in it, 
    you are my moon and I am light from it. 
    I am nothing without you my sweetheart!  
    Gdnight and seet dreams

Good (Better) Good Night Message For Sweet Girl :

Friends are friends, they are the most important in our life. So with them a a happy good night with good night messages for friends.Hope you like our collection on latest good night messages for whatsapp. We have shared good night text messages for boys, girls, friends with images (good night messages). Do check them and give your opinion in comment box. Don’t forget to share good night text messages on whatsapp and facebook. Check our site for latest sms and messages.

Top 10 (2016) Good Night Message For Lover

Today, text messaging has changed the way you communicate with a loved one 's. Whether the object of your affections is in a different city or right beneath your roof, sending a text message is a fun way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. So before you crash for the night, here are 50 text messages to send to a partner or to someone close to your heart.Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today.And I would never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking of you. Have a good night.In this time most use of good night word .Some People use the word in any someone person send lover.

Good Night Message For Facebook And Whatsapp

Killer Tips And Good Night Message Lover :

 At that time now very important and some people use in good night message word .In this word use in night some people tell us about the use of the word .As we know girls and boys each other send picture .In this word use increase day by day .We have given  some good night message for you and we hope would you like them a lot.

1  rat ko chupke se ati hai ek pari,
    kuch khushiyo k spne latti hai ek pari,
    kehti hai sapno ke agosh mai kho jao
    bhul ke gam chupke se so jao. good night

2  Rat ati hai sitare lekar,
    nend aati hai sapne lekar,
    Hamardua hai kal ki subah aye apke liye sari khushiyan lekar. gud night

3  Sitaro ko bheja he apko sulane k liye,
    chand aya he lori gane k liye,
    So jao mite khwabo me,
    Subha suraj ko begungA
    apko jagane k liye.

4  Night is not only for sleep,
    It's to Forget today's Sorrow,
    To dream today's Joyness & to receive Tomorrow's
    Happenings. "Happy End of the day"
    GUD NGHT..

5 Kudrat k karishmo mai agar raat na hoti,
   To khwab mai unse mulaqat na hoti,
   Wo wada to kar gaye ki ayenge khwab mai,
   Mare khushi k nind na aye to kya karen

6  Now , birds are silent .Butterflies are hanging. Sun is sleeping ..Moon is watching     u...yes it is the time for sleeping...So close your eyes...

    Gd night...Sweet drems

7  Hello!ATD Here
    (Any Tme Dsturbance) Service.
    v r experts in disturbing
    n irritating people at busy hrs.
    Our goal been achieved.

   "Good Night"

8    Shut Down Your Eyes,
      Log On Some Memories,
      Download Some Dreams,
      Save Some Joys,
      Delete All Your Sorrows..

      Have A Nice Sleep

9    English mein 'GOOD NIGHT'
      Desi mein 'SUBH RATRI'
      Urdu mein 'SHABBA KHAIR'
      Kannad mein 'YARANDI'


      Or apni style mein 'CHAL LUDAK L

10  As the day turns in to night, keep your worries out of sight. close your eyes and       go to sleep, all the good times are yours to keep.

Killer Top (2016) Lover Good Night Message : 

Looking for a romantic good night text message to send to your sweetheart? We got you covered! Below is a list of some of the most romantic text messages to send to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to let them know you miss them already and will be dreaming of them tonight .Some people in this word use in facebook and whatsapp and some people direct use in phone message .One of the most flattering things you can hear is actually that someone is thinking about you. Because it means you matter to them, or they’re curious about you. It’s sweet.

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